Saturday 18th August 2018,
Cajun X Cables | Lafayette, Louisiana

Safety Information

Water Sports Industry Association // Cable Park Safety Information //

If the rules are not followed, Cajun X Cables reserves the right to revoke your pass without refund.

1. Let the staff know it is your first time and you would like assistance.

2. If you fall, look back immediately and avoid riders and ropes. Swim immediately towards the closest shore or dock before removing your equipment. Duck under water if you cannot avoid oncoming rider or handle.

3. On dock from one line unless otherwise instructed by staff.

4. Always ride between corner buoys, let go anytime you can’t make it in between the corner buoys.

5. Exit between the white buoys before the motor tower, NOT by the starting dock.

6. No deep water starts allowed. If cable stops, let go and always swim towards the outside shoreline or dock never to the center of the cable.

7. Hold handle with hands. Never put the handle between your legs around your neck or put your arm through the handle.

8. No power tricks on the corners. Allow your carrier to pass the pulley before you initiate the trick.

9. If you fall or lose your equipment, let go immediately.

10. No foul language.

11. You must be able to swim. Exit course immediately after falling.

12. Dock area is for riders only, you must have a band to be in starting area.

13. Only use Cable Park if you are in good health, and have no pre-existing medical condition(s). that
impair your ability to participate in this high risk sport. In case of emergency call 911.

14. Look out for fallen riders or other features. Leave as much space as possible between you and fallen
riders as you pass. To avoid collision, let go of handle and let yourself fall.

15. Marine Life forms, bacteria’s and micro organisms can be present in any fresh water body. We recommend using nose clips.

16. No swimming or diving.

Kicker/Slider/Features Rules

1. Water features are intended for experienced riders only, inspect before using.

2. The park is not responsible for damage to your board or body as a result of using features.

3. No metal fins allowed on features.

4. Do not attempt to hit feature if a fallen rider is near it and always scope out landing.

5. Only designated rental boards are allowed on features.

[contentbox padding=”10px 10px 10px 10px”]Cable Park Responsibility Code [/contentbox]

Water Sports Industry Association // Cable Park Safety Information //

Be aware that there are risks in cable parks, boating and watersports that good judgement and personal awareness can help reduce. To increase your enjoyment of watersports, follow the ten elements of the code.

-ALWAYS ski or ride under control and at your own risk.

-ALWAYS use life jacket and properly fitted equipment.

-ALWAYS ask questions if unfamiliar with activity.

-ALWAYS follow instructions and direction of staff.

-ALWAYS follow the safety rules for the park.

-ALWAYS start with the simplest maneuvers and work your way up.

-ALWAYS move quickly out of the skiing/riding area if you fall or let go.

-ALWAYS avoid hazardous structures and fallen skiers and riders.

-NEVER ski or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

-NEVER ski or ride with music or audio devices that limit hearing.

If the rules are not followed, Cajun X Cables reserves the right to revoke your pass without refund.