About Us

Family owned

Owned and Operated by the Smith Family. Cajun X Cables Is a Lafayette area small business that has made water sports affordable for all. The park and its service are know around the world. Riders from around the country as well as international guests visit every season. 


-20 acre manmade lake

-6 Tower Sesitec system

-All electric powered

-Unit Park Tech features for the best riding experiance

-2 full service camper hook up

-Aquapark and paddle lake

-Volleyball cout

-Lots of space for laying out or a game of catch


Not everyone has the luxury of being next to the ocean or off the shore of a great lake. Most water sports require a boat costing thousands of dollars, gear that can be pricey, and more than 2 people for safety. Cajun X is a place you can relax riding solo or with your whole crew. It is the most affordable option with or without gear to rent. Come visit us today.